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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes - Moist Chocolate cupcakes and lots of peanut butter flavor. If you like peanut butter, you will love these! Recipe and more at The Alchemist.

help to name a skirt

Today I bought this skirt from putumayo (from a thift shop)...could anyone tell me the name?
Thank you for your time


Vegan vanilla icing

So Easter is around the corner, and I have been charged with making a vegan dessert for my mom's partner.  I've done this before, usually in the form of a vegan cheesecake, but I recently found a recipe for a vegan pistachio batter that can be used in cakes or cupcakes.....I'm especially excited because I think that the pale green of the pistachios will look beautiful on the Easter table.

But I am at a loss for icing.

Does anyone have a great recipe for vegan vanilla or coconut icing to share?


Birthday Cake Batter Cupcakes

Sometimes things just need to be cute.
DSC_0008 copy

And tasty. To be honest, most of the time just tasty will suffice.

But then you'll come across some especially adorable cupcake wrappers, think of how cute they'd be for a birthday, then realize you've forgotten your own blog's birthday, like the worst blog parent ever.
So, blog, I'm sorry. It's been three crazy years, and I still love you like yesterday.

Don't let these cupcakes fool you though - they aren't nearly as sickly sweet as they look, and the insides have a special surprise. The cupcake is moist with a perfect crumb, tasting of vanilla instead of just sugar. The sprinkles add a little bit of whimsy, and paired with a classic buttercream, it's absolute heaven.

Head over to Leanne Bakes for more pictures (especially of the funfetti inside) and more cupcakey treats!
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lemon cupcake

These cupcakes are super moist and full of fresh lemon flavor! Perfect for lemon lovers!

Recipe and more over at The Alchemist.

This Morning's Breakfast of Champions

playing around 024

A peanut butter cup and chocolate cupcake!

It was divine and delicious and exactly what my body was craving, with a nice big cup of coffee.

I didn't make this wonder myself, I purchased it at Cafe Fresco, located on 1st Avenue and 67th Street in Manhattan.

Breakfast perfection.

Cannoli Cupcakes

I love cannolis, but I've always thought that the little tube doesn't hold up to the richness and heaviness of the cream.

Since I wanted something that had the same flavors but with a little more oomph behind it, I decided to make these Cannoli cupcakes.

Warning: if you're looking for a really light and fluffy yellow cake, this recipe isn't it! These cupcakes are fairly dense, so they're the perfect vehicle for something really rich like cannoli cream.

Now that that's out of the way...


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Also, I recently started a blog for my baking. For this and other recipes, check out Elfie's Edibles!