July 1st, 2007

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Well, I decided to make some sushi cupcakes the other day and they turned out so nicely I figured they should be posted here.
Click here for cupcake-y goodness!

I've been in a cupcake mood recently due in large part to this community. I made one batch of cupcakes and then within the next week, I discovered this place, and I've been baking ever since! Just so you know, you guys rock.


♥ Name: Cicely
♥ Location: Reno
♥ Your cupcake history:  I met my very first cupcake on my 6th birthday.  It was love at first site!
♥ Why you like cupcakes:  Ahh, the sugar creamy frosting, the sweety spongey cake, the colorful toppings... what's not the love!
♥ Cupcake photos, recipes, or other interesting cupcake-related photos/tidbits that you found:  I just wanted to show off my cupcake necklaces.  YAY!


A Proper Introducion and Results Report

♥ Name: Lindsay Lime to my friends
♥ Age: 27
♥ Location: Chicago, IL, US
♥ Your cupcake history: When I was in middle school I became very interested in baking, and would often make frosting just to eat! In high school I wrote for the student newsmagazine, and every time we put out an issue, I made cupcakes for the staff to celebrate. After a few months of this, my reputation for sugary and delicious cupcakes had started to spread outside the staff and into the rest of the school. I found this amusing and welcomed it! I've loved baking in general ever since, usually doing it for work functions or parties, or for people who watch my kitty when I'm out of town. Now I'm interested in getting back to my cupcake roots and branching out to new and exciting flavors and decorations.
♥ Why you like cupcakes: Because you can decorate one batch in many ways, they cool faster than big cakes and can be frosted sooner (I get impatient and excited!), and they are generally very cute and attractive.
♥ Cupcake photos, recipes, or other interesting cupcake-related photos/tidbits that you found:
Here are the results of my 7 Up cupcakes with lemon and lime frosting:

Smiling for the camera

Nestled in tupperware, ready for their big trip to the office!

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Snow White

The best white cupcakes you can find

I don't believe I actually introduced myself in my last post so here's the stats:

Name: Meaghan
Age: Early 20s
Location: Either on the US west coast (home) or east coast (school) depending on the time of year.
Cupcake History: I have memories of my mother putting homemade cupcakes in my lunch box in elementary school. She is an incredible cook and all the other kids would inevitably be jealous of my homebaked goods. I often used this to my advantage to trade for their store bought deserts which were never allowed in my house, but that's beside the point. I have since seen the error in my ways and will always have fond memories of the cupcakes I had when I was little.
Why I like Cupcakes: Cupcakes are delicious. And strangely adorable. And you feel less guilty eating a cupcake than a slice of cake.

Below is the world's most delicious white cupcakes. They are light and fluffy and have the most beautiful color. They're also pretty simple to make. I've also included a recipe for a buttercream frosting that doesn't require raw eggs (always a plus in my opinion).

The pictures are of the batch I made yesterday. I haven't made cupcakes in many many years and I can't remember if I've ever frosted one with attention to anything but how much frosting I could fit on the cupcake (quite a lot, it seemed. I believe I made my seven-year-old self ill) so please excuse the poor frosting job and try out the recipe anyway, it's to die for.

Here's a teaser, hope you take a look at the rest!

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first post!

♥ Name: Michele

♥ Age: 20

♥ Location: western maryland

♥ Your cupcake history: i've loved cupcakes forever..i mean, who hasn't? but it was only a few years ago that i started taking an interest in making them frequently. i guess it was arond the time that i started becoming more domestic in general.

♥ Why you like cupcakes: they're yummy, fun to decorate, cute, and its the perfect amount of cake!

♥ Cupcake photos, recipes, or other interesting cupcake-related photos/tidbits that you found: i don't have any recipes...usually i like to buy a box of cake mix and spruce it up a bit. my favorite trick is putting a cup of instant pudding into the batter. it makes the cupcakes super moist and taste like they are made from scratch :)

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On desktop

Mod note: Paid Account

Hello, hello. I just noticed that curiouscupcakes is now on paid account! First thing I did was change the layout to the Expressive Sweets one. Maybe you guys can set up polls, voice posts, and whatnot. Whatever you like. Go wild. ^3^

Thank you so much, Anonymous Cupcake-Loving Benefactor! Please tell me who you are?

cupcake recipe vs. cake recipe- any differences?

Some people have made comments in their posts about modifying a recipe for cupcakes. Whenever I've made cupcakes I just use the exact same recipe I have for a cake. I don't see why there should be a difference but are there any changes that are good to make when converting a cake recipe to a cupcake recipe (or the other way around??) What are the advantages to your modified recipes?

Ohh- and my intro

I have no idea how to insert the little hearts people have by their intros!

Name: Jackie
Age: Late 20's
Location: Chicago native, Bay Area transplant

Just recently got into baking/ cake decorating which turned into cupcake decorating too. Although I do enjoy cake, I prefer more European style desserts to American ones. But cakes/cupcakes are much more fun to decorate and spruce up!! And I love sharing my creations with friends/co-workers, which prevents my butt from getting too big after making all these desserts :)
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(no subject)

Like so many others, I've been commenting and lurking about for about a week...Wandered in from the spotlight. :3 I am really enjoying this community!

♥ Name: Jenri~!

♥ Age: 22

♥ Location: Vancouver, WA

♥ Your cupcake history: My mother would always have us make cupcakes because there would be enough for everybody to decorate. I have fallen back in love with them and am so into this community!!

♥ Why you like cupcakes: Because it's my own personal helping of cuteness... *Nom Nom Nom*

♥ Cupcake photos, recipes, or interesting cupcake-related photos/tidbits that you found:

I don't really have any cuppie pictures at this moment, but I have a green-tea-choco cake I made for the meantime? Here is a piccie of it....
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Intro post

Like everyone else, I joined about a week or so ago, but have been too lazy to make an introductory post. So here goes!

♥ Name: Drew
♥ Age: 20 (21 on the 24th)
♥ Location: San Francisco/Modesto, California
♥ Your cupcake history: One day I just seemed to become preoccupied with them. I love cupcake artwork, and am planning on getting a tattoo of cupcakes, ice cream, sweets, etc. done later this month. So if anyone has any artwork/ideas they'd like to share, I'm all ears!
♥ Why you like cupcakes: They're adorable!
♥ Cupcake photos, recipes, or other interesting cupcake-related photos/tidbits that you found:
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(no subject)

♥ Name: Jenny

♥ Age: 23

♥ Location: chicagoland

♥ Your cupcake history: I <3 cupcakes soooo much! I love to make them, and have made them since I was in junior high

♥ Why you like cupcakes: just the right amount of cake, fun to decorate, so many ways to decorate them, so many recipes, so fun to give to people!

♥ Cupcake photos, recipes, or other interesting cupcake-related photos/tidbits that you found: I'm going to be making some cupcakes this evening and will be posting pictures afterwards, I figured I'd throw this first post out here so no one would think I was some weird crazy stalker person lurking around in the group. I'm making confetti/vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing, and some with chocolate, thinking about mixing the 2, have some sprinkles and other things I'm going to mess around with as well.
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Frosting Crisis

Fancy frostingiers! I need advice...

I have some fun frosting tips, but the bag that came with them was cheap and broke right away. Does anyone have experience using a regular plastic bag with tips? I'm worried without the screw-in part, it won't work and will be a disaster. I'm about to make some cupcakes with just a few fancy touches, but I don't want buy store-bought tubes of colored frosting; I'd rather do it all the home made way.

What do people think?

New to the site...Hello!

Name: Rachel  

♥ Age: 25

♥ Location: North Carolina

♥ Your cupcake history: been making, eating and enjoying cupcakes practically my whole life! I love em!

♥ Why you like cupcakes: they really are just the right amount. I have been making cupcakes only for my daughter's birthday parties. It's the best and easiest way to enjoy cake, for kids especially. :-D

♥ Cupcake photos, recipes, or other interesting cupcake-related photos/tidbits that you found: okay, so I have a teeny weeny cake business that I started up recently after many years of trying to make it in the food industry...and getting let down by the drama. So, I decided today to make some cupcakes to put on my cake website, just cause they really are making a comeback! YAY! so, here's the pictures...

these are the garnishes I made for the tops of the cupcakes. Just some fancy cut strawberries and bananas brushed with a vanilla honey glaze, and some colorful sugar sprinkles for the banana stars. (I dipped the banana in lemon juice first, so they won't brown)

this is the finished product, wedged open to reveal the surprise. They are double chocolate fudge cupcakes, with chocolate fudge icing, and a french vanilla creme on the inside. They are quite yummy!

and the presentation....the stars and strawberries look really awesome together...and I totally love how short a time it takes to pull this off!

I really love this community! It always gives me inspiration and ideas, and just generally helps me think outside the baking box! Thanks a million!
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Life Short Eat


Name: Tiffany
Age: 30-something
Location: Recently transplanted from FL
Your cupcake history: I had a small side business in FL selling decorated cookies, cakes and other confections. :)
Why you like cupcakes: I love the idea of having your own individual serving that is not a slice off a larger cake. I'm thrilled the cupcakes have made a recent resurgence in popularity! There is so much that can be done with them.
Cupcake photos, recipes, or other interesting cupcake-related photos/tidbits that you found: "Everything's Coming Up Roses" (with a cameo appearance by my kitty).

So as not to be rude...

♥ Name: Amelinda
♥ Age: 25
♥ Location: Milwaukee, WI
♥ Your cupcake history: The quest to make anything vegan and delicious led me.
♥ Why you like cupcakes: They make people feel good and they allow for so much creativity! Who can not smile for a home-baked cupcake??
♥ Cupcake photos, recipes, or other interesting cupcake-related photos/tidbits that you found:
Here is what I baked yesterday for a friend's 25th birthday:

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Stars and Dinosaur Sprinkled Rosewater Cardamon Cakecups!
(Recipe adjusted from http://www.theppk.com/vegancupcakes.html (Rosewater Pistachio)
【food】 → カプケク

h e l l o ~

why hello there, I've been lurking here for a few weeks now. .___. thought that I should finally post something since I'll be posting some of my cupcake photo goodness here again soon.

name → lauren
age → sixteen
location → mesa, arizona
my cupcake history → I've been obsessed with cupcakes for a while now. I just love love love everything about them, they're tiny so they're cute, and other cupcake related items are just too adorable.
why I like cupcakes → I'm never too keen on eating too much sweet things. (don't ask why. :|) but cupcakes are the perfect size and you can customize them.
cupcake photos, recipes, or other interesting cupcake-related photos/tidbits that I found → last month I went to san francisco with my family and we went to ghiradelli square. there's this little cupcake shop there called 'kara's cupcakes' and the cakes there were absolutely delicious. (゜∀゜)

there's the regular chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles, then a white cake with vanilla frosting and coconut shavings, and the bottom fusia ones are chocolate cakes with raspberry frosting and a chocolate cookie on top.

I suggest that everyone order from them at least once in their lives. yes'um.
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cupcakelove <3

Hi everyone!

i love this comm so much!

my name is judith.
i'm 19 years old.
live in germany and love cupcakes because they're cute and yammmmmiii :D

i want to show you my cupcake tattoo. ^^
it is not finished yet.

sorry for my bad english ;)

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Cupcake whore!

A trio and introduction

♥ Name: Liz
♥ Age: I'll be 23 in August ^^
♥ Location: Florida
♥ Your cupcake history: Recently obsessed, I seem to make a batch whenever I get bored.
♥ Why you like cupcakes: They're the perfect little size! And they never fail to get a smile out
of people.
♥ Cupcake photos! I've been busy this week:

A teaser! Individual piccies behind the cut ^^
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Hope you enjoyed!

a sample of my work from this evening!

Strawberry/chocolate cupcakes! YUMM!! I used whipped strawberry icing and whipped chocolate icing. I did not add sprinkles to these but did to the others. I ended up doing minis because I was out of cupcake papers for the regular sized ones! I used a melon baller/mini ice cream scoop type thing to get just the right amount of batter into the cups and it turned out perfect!! (they're vanilla funfetti cupcakes btw) I wanted to get more creative on the icing artwork but was out of toothpicks and could not find my other "instruments." Maybe next time! :) Now off to play Wii before bed time. The hubby has to be into work very early tomorrow (like..5am..and I drive him..ugh) so it's an early night for me!

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Hey Guys!

I have a quick question for you:

Do you think a sorta "breakfast cupcake" could work? I'm thinking of a pancake batter type cake with a swirl of maple syrup in the batter and a small piece of sausage in each. I'm still working on an idea for icing, but I'm really leaning towards a whipped maple syrup icing. Any thoughts?

Wish Upon a Star

Yummy in the tummy! :D

Today I made a batch of orange/carrot cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting! They were delicious! I got the recipe from the book Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans (Though I slightly modified the recipe by omitting the golden raisins and pairing it with a different frosting than was suggested). I have not always been a huge fan of the recipes that use some sort of vegetable oil as the fat, but these were fantastic. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

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roll eyes


How do you make your cakes? (answer with what you most frequently do)

I use store bought cake mix and store bought frosting
I use store bought cake mix and home made frosting
I home make the cakes from scratch and use store bought frosting
I make the cakes and frosting from scratch
I buy the mix from the store but add ingredients to my liking
I get someone to bake for me!