August 8th, 2011


♥ Name: Lisa/HollyAnn. I usually go by HollyAnn/Holly online :)
♥ Age: 35
♥ Location: Vermont
♥ Your cupcake history: I've always baked, but started heavily getting into cupcakes around January 2011...I'm a diet (yeah, wrong thing to get into when you're on a diet, huh? LOL!) so I figured that by having cupcakes instead of a piece of cake, I can keep better track of my calories that way ;)
♥ Why you like cupcakes: Again, to help keep track of my calories, and I like experimenting with cake/frosting flavours :) And I love making them look pretty! I've just discovered fondant ;)
♥ Anything to share?: I just made These Cupcakes yesterday, and my friends and husband and I ate them all up! XD