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:: curious cupcakes ::

high on sugar.

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.curious cupcakes.
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high on sugar.
curious cupcakes!

A gathering for all cupcake lovers. Share pictures, recipes, or anything cupcake-related.


1) Please add descriptive titles and tags to your entries.
2) For first-time posters, you're welcome to just say hello. However, it would be more interesting for all of us if you fill out the following form for your introductory entries:

3) If you are looking for posts on a specific topic and the tags and memories are not helping, try LJseek (see below) before asking the community. If nothing relevant comes up, then it's okay to ask away. (Random silly curious questions are always welcome, though.)
4) All entries must be about cupcakes. Irrelevant posts will be deleted.
5) Post ads only on Sundays. Only cupcake-related ones allowed. First-time violators will be warned and their posts, deleted.
6) Multiple (more than two) and really large photos must be under a cut.
7) Please respect all members and their customs.

Thank you!

Your moderators are:

♥ Anna; absurdfroufrou
♥ Gemma; gemmi_joo

Can you take the Cupcake Challenge?

Get your own code

Happy baking (and eating)!


photo (above) is from the cover of
the book cupcakes by elinor klivans
and taken by france ruffenach.

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